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Wecome to the SUPER SMASH U Fan Club! We are dedicated to the awesome new Super Smash Brothers for Wii U and 3DS games that are arriving! While we are waiting for the Release Date for it in 2014. We know there will be many fans who will create lots of Fanart for the game while they wait. We will keep you up to date with the latest news of the games for Wii U and 3DS. So while we wait lets enjoy all the Fanart for one of the greatest series created by Masahiro Sakurai! SUPER SMASH BROTHERS!


We have many Folders as you see from us. So let me just put this out right now. IF ITS BRAND NEW TO OUR GROUP IT MUST BE SUBMITTED TO FEATURED! Let us worry about putting in where it should belong after its been in the featured folder for about a week then we will send it to the folder it belongs too.

To get in SuperSmashUFanclub you dont have to make art for the Super Smash Brother Wii U and 3DS games. You can just join in if your just a huge fan of Super Smash Brothers and enjoy all of the artwork and many things posted here!

I wish we were lolz. But we are not. But hey everybody loves a Fan Club and this place trust me will be alot better than arguing with those people on YOUTUBE!

So another thing we have here is we love to support other groups. We will also mention you first thing in our daily SSUFC NEWS journals. We scratch your back and you scratch ours. Now we are having a weird issue for us to accept the affiliation requests so just ask on the front page if you wanna affiliate and we will send you a request from us. So just tell us and we send to you a request from us.

[Super Smash Brothers Wii U and 3DS News]
Most of the time we will have many posts on and about news for the games. So no need to travel too far for your information. Trust me we will have it here as well if they have it too.

So what we also have here in SuperSmashUFanclub that most other groups do not is we actually have an ADMINS ART section where we the Admins create art for the next Super Smash Brothers from us to you guys! Me [Angelshadow3593] and [ReikaiYusuki] make it a weekly thing to make new journals and bring artwork every week! :D
What we also have here is we host Contests and you can win a prize as well! The contests will come around soon. We are also always Active and love to interact with the conversations!

One of our best features in SuperSmashUFanclub too is we hold a weekly polls on the subject that matter for Super Smash Brothers. Such as What do you really think about Newest Character Announced to the game?, to Are you looking forward to seeing crazier Fighting Stages than the last game?, Do you want a Special Feature for people who have 3DS Versions of the game instead of people who have the Wii U versions of the game. We will have polls about the group as well. We also like to hear what you guys have to say about us and the SuperSmashUFanclub too. This is what gets the ultimate SuperSmashUFanclub experience! Hope you guys like the polls we have! :D

One of the other great things we see is not making people wait to see when there art is submitted to us. Just submit away! No lame excuses like we dont like your art go away scandals. Just plain and simple Submit and Enjoy! Now is that not awesome! :D

So another one of the best features for the group is its not a abandoned wasteland waiting for something new to come whenever your ADMIN feels like it. Here I will post stuff a lot and will always be around for questions and more. So hope you luv a always something new group! :)

The best part of our group is you can submit to every folder with your artwork! Now theres always rules guys before you go crazy in the Fanclub so please read our Rules and Regulations.

[RULE 1] Do not Harass the other persons artwork if you see that there is a problem with it. If such an event occurs as you dont find it suitable or you think they have copied the artwork you have made please notify Angelshadow3593 and ReikaiYuski.

[RULE 2] The only real Limit to your artworks that you can send a day will have to be 2 for each folder. Thats 2 of artworks for each folder. That means you can have 2 Zelda Artworks to the THE LEGEND OF ZELDA FOLDER, 2 for the MEGA MAN FOLDER, 2 for ANIMAL CROSSING FOLDER. Not 2 just for all of them just 2 for each folder. Now is that AWESOME or WHAT?!

[RULE 3] Now when it comes to folders just make sure its the right folder really to submit in. If its brand new to our group then submit it to our Featured Folder. When we see that it gets old we will submit it to the other folder or you can also move it to that Folder as well if you like. Please no trolls and submit a Mario Artwork to the F-Zero Folder. We do not need to waste our time on telling you that Zelda is not Link or Donkey Kong is not a racer in F-Zero. OK!

[RULE 4] One of the best features for our group will be that we will allow you to put up a journal for an argument you will like to get out for the new game or for the previous Super Smash Brothers games and to talk with the other members too about. Now the limit is one journal from a person a week. So Me and the Admins will decide what Journal we will allow to hang for the week. Now for the journals the only things we will restrain really are swearing if it gets out of hand. Im pretty sure people will get mad on your opinions but I think Super Smash Brothers has always had a Fan base like a Biker Gang. They all disagree and they all agree. So just let us know if you want to write a journal and yeah we will take it from there :)

[RULE 5] To get the most out of the SuperSmashUFanclub experience you should make best friends around here and switch each others 3DS Friend Codes and Wii U Friend Codes. Nothing more better than always having a friend to play with for when the new Super Smash Brothers Wii U and 3DS games come out! :)

[RULE 6] The last rule and you will be free to go Super Smash Brothers Lover! Now this is the most serious rule for our Fanclub! HAVE A AWESOME TIME IN OUR GROUP!! :D

Hope those rules are not too much too handle guys! Enjoy the group and everything it has to offer and fill your SUPER SMASH BROTHERS WII U AND 3DS HUNGER!! :D
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Jun 14, 2013


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Super Smash Bros U Fan Club

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We will be your friendly Admins and Watchers for the group. Feel free to answer to any of us if theres an issue going on with your submission or with a artwork problem you have. We will always be here in case of anything. Just let us know.





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Our Awesome Affiliated Groups who we work together with! These guys work hard as well to get you guys the best and we do that here as well. If you guys got a group that you would like to affiliate with us just give us a ring. So when you guys get the chance please check these guys out too! :D
Happy Easter everybody! Hope you all are having a good time off of work and anything else to worry about. But I know everybody is now just like man why doesnt time go faster and Smash Bros 3DS and Wii U come out already!! Believe me I know that feel we all do haha :laughing:
So now we are getting to the end of April now so so theres no doubt that next month should be the announcements for the rest of the cast for the games I believe so. 7 newcomers and 21 veterans.
In my theory I think theres going to be at least 3 more new people the most. But anyways lets get on with the news for this week!
SSB4 Newcomer Wallpaper 2 by Jinchu-No-Hitokiri Happy Easter! by IceCreamLink Easter schmeaster by SawksSomberCircus

So we have seen only a small amount of the guys Final Smashes.
We have seen all the newcomers Final Smashes as well as Samus, Luigi, Pit, Kirby, and I think thats all that was shown so far.
If there was another shown let me know as I dont remember every exact second of that Nintendo Direct from 2 weeks ago lolz.
So it was only the last game really when the Final Smashes were introduced. And now they are another awesome addition to add for every smash bros game to come. Yes even though for those competitive pro players out there its still about actually not depending on items and all. Its all about learning how to do every fancy trick in the book with every character. But yeahs so it was a first last game so now theres a good few who are in the next game who need a better Final Smash.
Maybe Mega Lucario and Mega Charizard are Final Smash forms only???
In my opinion the following need a better Final Smash and you guys can feel free to say who you think needs a better one.
Sonic with his Super Sonic form. Its cool but after you see all it really was is him just glowing yellow and just moving towards you got old fast.
Maybe give Sonic a tornado he makes or put a random race track or maybe make all the sonic characters come in as a cool special sort of like Mega Mans Final Smash.
King Dedede with his henchmen just jumping everywhere. This was was funny I wont lie. But maybe its time to get serious Dedede and put that hammer to use or maybe make him have two hammers to use?
Yoshi with his dragon yoshi form. It was cool and out of the blue but he needs a Final Smash that screams more of Yoshi. Like in. Yoshis New Island he can make a giant egg to shoot at yah! Or maybe give him a giant stack of super yoshi eggs and have him aim that at the fighters but not like Solid Snakes but more of how in the actual game it moves up and down. That be a really cool one in my opinion!
So guys whats your idea for new Final Smashes for Smash Bros 4 and whats your opinion personally about them?
CHeers for greninja and yoshi getting in by platypus0-0 Greninja and male wii fit trainer by jxbermudez27

So everybody who has a 3DS knows there are a ton of limited edition 3DS out there. One for Fire Emblem Awakening, one for Pokemon X and Y, one for Yoshi's New Island, one for Animal Crossing New Leaf and the list goes on. So the only thing I really hate is how there is no kind of trade in your 3DS for the limited edition or get like 75% off for it if you wanna switch your 3DS to the 3DS XL. So the thing Nintendo does is when they know a game is gonna sell like 5 Dollar Large Pizzas they make a limited edition 3DS for it. Now some designs have been laughable as thats not really so special of a limited edition and I can think better. Maybe at least give us a vinyl with our pre order to put on our 3DS?
Most likely I think they will just put the smash bros symbol on it. If thats the case make all the fighters all appear im white around the 3DS as well. Be cool to have that. Or if you think they can do better than that. Than share what you think is better.
Who knows maybe we can make that a cool small contest if you guys would like that. :)
A Splash of Smash -SSB4- by UMSAuthorLava Namco Bandai stuff in Super Smash Bros. by MollyKetty

Maybe by next month but if you want now you guys want to start all adding each other. I will share mines eventually too as I bet there are some that probably want to beat me up in smash bros haha. I am warning you guys I am not easy. I have been playing Smash Bros since the N64. And no I dont depend on items either lolz. I will share mines soon and like I said expect a lot of adding codes real soon everyone!

So guys I hope you enjoyed reading that this week. Like always share what you think and you can always ask me anything about Smash Bros as well.
Have a nice weekend everybody.

YOUR ADMIN :iconangelshadow3593:
Alright guys its that time again for the weekly news. I like to also thank all the new members that just joined the group! Last week was the fastest in the groups history of artwork coming in and out and seeing a lot of new members and that was awesome!
Now that the Huge Nintendo Direct News is now almost a week old and we
can now finally mark on our calendars for summer or winter!
We can throw our money down at pre orders.
And well dont know if anything else will top that news lolz!
So lets get on with the NEWS!!


Now its at least 2 more months till we reach the month of July when summer kicks in or if its June they wanna release the 3DS version of Smash Bros 4. But anyways we have 9 of the ORIGINAL 12 Smash Bros from N64.
Now for those that dont know what the Original 12 is then its just the 12 characters from the first Smash Bros game.
They are Mario,Link,DK,Kirby,Samus,Kirby,Pikachu,Fox,Yoshi,Luigi,Captain Falcon,Ness, and JigglyPuff.
Its been for 3 whole games now and even though they went through a different announcement for when they are confirmed for the games.
So before anybody rages on for them if they are still gonna be in the game you gotta think of it this way.
Everybody but the following people have had a game since after Brawl which was back in 2008/2009 on Wii.
Regardless I dont count a remake the best way to just earn yourself a spot back in smash bros either which is what happened with the Star Fox franchise on 3DS.
This time the roster is more new with characters from brawl and melee and we only have 6 of them being new characters.
So in my opinion we need more room for new characters and 23 are old characters which reaches the number too 29.
We dont know if it theirs a limit to the roster and if their is does anybody remember or have proof of Masahiro Sakurai saying that.
So lets get back to what im talking about.

(CAPTAIN FALCON) He is actually my personal favorite and so are a whole lot of others. We cant get enough of the Falcon Punch but Captain Falcon has not raced on a new track since Gamecube with F-Zero GX. In Smash Bros Brawl they actually had a level for F Zero GX in the game and what Smash Bros does is they use their latest game for the stage ideas.
So the Capn has not had a game since Gamecube guys. No remake of any F-Zero games either. And then rumor was F-Zero was done and Mario Kart is Nintendos top racing game these days. I love Mario Kart but those F-Zero games are hard as hell no lie! So maybe people went to see what F-Zero was as they were curious where The Capn came from as the same happened with Fire Emblem and people wondered about Marth's roots.
So no game since 2002/2003 so dont know guys...

(NESS AND LUCAS) So these guys are the stars of Mother/Earthbound. I never really got to play any and I know a lot of others as well. The games itself are pretty damn trippy so I dont recommend a 10 year old playing them. Maybe at least 14 years old I say to get into this game. To play a Earthbound game you had to MOD the game back then as Nintendo was being selfish not re releasing it back on Virtual Console till it was I think back in 2012 they finally decided to put it up but only on Wii.
Then Nintendo once again held out on everybody else with Mother 3 back in 2006 for it only being in Japan. Though once again you wont hold out on people when we got MODs and translators do help us play the game!
So now its been since 2006 and it was a not too long ago interview from the dude who created the series said hes glad he put out his ideas out there for the world to enjoy but he thinks hes done with Mother now. And in Brawl we had had Mother 3 stage New Pork City which was that big stage with the weird pink demon came out too.

(JIGGLYPUFF) So the last of the original 12 is JigglyPuff who was a Pokemon favorite for the first Pokemon games Red and Blue and for the Pokemon Anime from the Kanto to the Johto region. Everybody remembers JigglyPuff who had gotten a lot of popularity back then and for putting people to sleep from singing and then drawing on their faces after. So that time is over now as even the animes dont show JigglyPuff anymore. Though we loved her back then there a ton more new Pokemon now than ever. So in my opinion personally I say JigglyPuff should be done with now.

So guys I want to know what you think. Yes they are a part of the Original 12 except Lucas but do you guys feel they deserve a spot instantly just because they were in smash bros and even if they have not had a game or attention in JigglyPuffs case for years?


I saw and heard from people that they were really bummed out that they didnt stick with the same concept like Pokemon Trainer back in Brawl by having 3 people to use and switching them out to another pokemon.
Yes jt was cool but this what I see in my case as well so hear me out guys.
Who else besides Pikachu and JigglyPuff was the most popular from the anime back in the day? Charizard OBVIOUSLY!! So I agree with Charizard being by himself this time around. I bet we all thought that it was gonna be another Pokemon Trainer this time around but hey its still a awesome Pokemon right? Yeah I do believe sometimes Charizard is a bit overrated but hey he was awesome and in this case I think he should replace JigglyPuff for this time around.
Do you think it would have been better with another Pokemon or with another Pokemon Trainer?


So if you make a lot of smash bros artwork and you still think your having trouble or are mad that your work still goes unnoticed than I am willing to do this for you guys there. Where you came here because your a hardcore smash bros fan looking for a better smash bros group or wanted to just join to show your artwork than I dont have any problem with that.
So what I want to do is give our most shared artwork from artists a highlight for them. I know a couple but if you want me to share your name and tell people more about you than let me know and I will write it up for later this week for people to check out.

So guys thats all for today. More stuff comes later and I always keep you updated. And if you actually have a journal idea for me to talk about let me know that too. Take care guys and have a good week.

YOUR ADMIN :iconangelshadow3593:
Ok guys so this journal is gonna be about our partners. Now let me get some things out of the way first.
When I first started this group it was small and the big guys still kept getting everybody's attention even though the other group had a old logo and really wasnt updated at all whatsoever.
So it was a struggle to get from where the group is now actually.
But it was also a inspiration for me to now say dont give up on your group even though if people keep noticing the big guys first but dont give up on your group and when you put in the hard work and keep spreading the word than your group should be banging out the competition.

Now dont get me wrong now and just because the SUPERSMASHUFANCLUB is getting big means I am gonna act like a hotshot. NO NO WAY!!
I started off small and I love to help the groups. You guys who have been long time members should know by now I am not no selfish guy.
So what you guys must also be asking is why should you guys help out them if they dont even help you out? Wouldn't you just be wasting your time then?
Your right on that but every group that we affiliated with cant deny that when we first affiliated that I sent them a message that we will talk about them on our front page as long as they scratch our back to and spread the word about us too. And if your the admin of one of those groups who is a member here than you can always ask me if you want me to talk about you guys. My bad if I had not mention that as I have written it on our groups description and rules. But in case you did not know now you know.

Back to the what this journal is about again. So theres 2 new affiliates and our friends at RAYMAN4SMASH asked us if we can talk about them.

First our 2 new affiliated groups are #WARIOLANDBOSSES which is a group dedicated to Wario and his classic games. Wario as we all know is Mario's other enemy besides Bowser. Wario first appeared in SUPER MARIO LAND 2 AND THE 6 GOLDEN COINS. And its a cool group if your big with Mario artwork especially for Wario.
Next is the #ZEROSUITSAMUS-FANS which is a group dedicated to Zero Suit Samus. Now the logo is old as it shows ZS Samus render from Brawl and I recommend updating it to the new look she has in Smash Bros 4.
But anyways if your big with Metroid and especially for ZS Samus than check these guys out too.

Next is the last group to introduce for today. It is the #RAYMAN4SMASH group. This is also for my good friend who is the admin of that group and the #SSB-UNITED group.
Now both groups go for the same goal. But one of them is for a smash bros fan who really would love to see his favorite character in Smash Bros 4.
Now I know what you guys are thinking. If its just another group for somebody who wishes for someone who cant make it in the roster anyways why should I bother.
Well it would be no fun at all if smash bros was just about killing of your dreams of seeing two people fight. I dont shut down anybodies requests for their characters as I respect fans and sure as hell am not no FANBOY!
This is also not youtube so where we fight each other in the comments too.
So with that out of the way lets talk about the #RAYMAN4SMASH group.

The RAYMAN4SMASH group is simple. A cool group for a big fan of Rayman who would like to see his fav character be in smash. Now it does not have to be impossible for a fan to dream or for it to happen. It can be possible to just have fun of making it happen. Now what I do like is the fact that they weren't afraid to make a group for a character they like and that everybody would have mixed opinions about.
Hell I find that really cool actually and I say if you wanna make a group for peoples dream matches with Smash to go and do it and don't be afraid of what people say!! So if your into Rayman or just are curious about them than go and check them out.

As for future new affiliated groups and for admins of those groups.
I would love to spread more about the SUPERSMASHUFANCLUB as well too.
Write about us and help us out. Appreciate it. Let me know if you write about us and yeah. Thats all for today guys.

YOUR ADMIN :iconangelshadow3593:
More Journal Entries


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hey, thanks for the feature
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SuperAbachiBros Apr 7, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
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AngelShadow3593 Apr 7, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nice man! I hope the good stuff keeps on coming. Been a soldier here working with the group here but things are running good. But like I said let me know when you want a big introduction for your group or whatever and I will let these guys know.
SuperAbachiBros Apr 5, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
They're doing good so far. SSB United got more members than ever.
AngelShadow3593 Apr 5, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
No problem my friend. Hows the group going to by the way? SSB UNITED AND RAYMAN 4 SMASH?
SuperAbachiBros Apr 4, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
It's a deal! Thank you! :)
SuperAbachiBros Apr 4, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
It's a deal! :) Thank you!
AngelShadow3593 Apr 4, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
If you want SuperAbachiBros just let me know if you want a journal entry to tell more about you guys and I will be more than happy to help you out. We scratch your back you scratch ours. 
SuperAbachiBros Apr 4, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Hey guys! I want to say that anyone wants to join our campaign in seeing Rayman for Smash Bros, join here :iconrayman-4-smash:. We need all the members we can get, you know.
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