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Wecome to the SUPER SMASH U Fan Club! We are dedicated to the awesome new Super Smash Brothers for Wii U and 3DS games! We know there will be many fans who will create lots of Fanart for the game while they wait. We will keep you up to date with the latest news of the games for Wii U and 3DS. So while we wait lets enjoy all the Fanart for one of the greatest series created by Masahiro Sakurai! SUPER SMASH BROTHERS!


We have many Folders as you see from us. So let me just put this out right now. IF ITS BRAND NEW TO OUR GROUP IT MUST BE SUBMITTED TO FEATURED! Let us worry about putting in where it should belong after its been in the featured folder for about a week then we will send it to the folder it belongs too.

To get in SuperSmashUFanclub you dont have to make art for the Super Smash Brother Wii U and 3DS games. You can just join in if your just a huge fan of Super Smash Brothers and enjoy all of the artwork and many things posted here!

All you gotta do is just click this link right here :)
Quick and Easy to Follow!
Add your fellow Smasher RIGHT NOW!!

Then it's simple by just clicking into this link right here
In here you just gotta follow the easy steps and your going to go on finding and getting people to join your little squad.

I wish we were lolz. But we are not. But hey everybody loves a Fan Club and this place trust me will be alot better than arguing with those people on YOUTUBE!

So another thing we have here is we love to support other groups. We will also mention you first thing in our daily NEWS journals. We scratch your back and you scratch ours. So just tell us and it's done plain and simple!

[Super Smash Brothers Wii U and 3DS News]
Most of the time we will have many posts on and about news for the games. So no need to travel too far for your information. Trust me we will have it here as well if they have it too.

One of our best features in SuperSmashUFanclub too is we hold a weekly polls on the subject that matter for Super Smash Brothers. Such as What do you really think about Newest Character Announced to the game?, to Are you looking forward to seeing crazier Fighting Stages than the last game?, Do you want a Special Feature for people who have 3DS Versions of the game instead of people who have the Wii U versions of the game. We will have polls about the group as well. We also like to hear what you guys have to say about us and the SuperSmashUFanclub too. This is what gets the ultimate SuperSmashUFanclub experience! Hope you guys like the polls we have! :D

One of the other great things we see is not making people wait to see when there art is submitted to us. Just submit away! No lame excuses like we dont like your art go away scandals. Just plain and simple Submit and Enjoy! Now is that not awesome! :D

So another one of the best features for the group is its not a abandoned wasteland waiting for something new to come whenever your ADMIN feels like it. Here I will post stuff a lot and will always be around for questions and more. So hope you luv a always something new group! :)

The best part of our group is you can submit to every folder with your artwork! Now theres always rules guys before you go crazy in the Fanclub so please read our Rules and Regulations.

[RULE 1] Do not Harass the other persons artwork if you see that there is a problem with it. If such an event occurs as you dont find it suitable or you think they have copied the artwork you have made please notify [Angelshadow3593]

[RULE 2] The only real Limit to your artworks that you can send a day will have to be 2 for each folder. Thats 2 of artworks for each folder. That means you can have 2 Zelda Artworks to the THE LEGEND OF ZELDA FOLDER, 2 for the MEGA MAN FOLDER, 2 for ANIMAL CROSSING FOLDER. Not 2 just for all of them just 2 for each folder. Now is that AWESOME or WHAT?!

[RULE 3] Now when it comes to folders just make sure its the right folder really to submit in. If its brand new to our group then submit it to our Featured Folder. When we see that it gets old we will submit it to the other folder or you can also move it to that Folder as well if you like. Please no trolls and submit a Mario Artwork to the F-Zero Folder. We do not need to waste our time on telling you that Zelda is not Link or Donkey Kong is not a racer in F-Zero. OK!

[RULE 4] One of the best features for our group will be that we will allow you to put up a journal for an argument you will like to get out for the new game or for the previous Super Smash Brothers games and to talk with the other members too about. Now the limit is one journal from a person a week. So Me and the Admins will decide what Journal we will allow to hang for the week. Now for the journals the only things we will restrain really are swearing if it gets out of hand. Im pretty sure people will get mad on your opinions but I think Super Smash Brothers has always had a Fan base like a Biker Gang. They all disagree and they all agree. So just let us know if you want to write a journal and yeah we will take it from there :)

[RULE 5] To get the most out of the SuperSmashUFanclub experience you should make best friends around here and switch each others 3DS Friend Codes and Wii U Friend Codes. Nothing more better than always having a friend to play with for when the new Super Smash Brothers Wii U and 3DS games come out! :)

[RULE 6] The last rule and you will be free to go Super Smash Brothers Lover! Now this is the most serious rule for our Fanclub! HAVE A AWESOME TIME IN OUR GROUP!! :D

Hope those rules are not too much too handle guys! Enjoy the group and everything it has to offer and fill your SUPER SMASH BROTHERS WII U AND 3DS HUNGER!! :D
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Jun 14, 2013


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Super Smash Bros U Fan Club

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We will be your friendly Admins and Watchers for the group. Feel free to answer to any of us if theres an issue going on with your submission or with a artwork problem you have. We will always be here in case of anything. Just let us know.


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Our Awesome Affiliated Groups who we work together with! These guys work hard as well to get you guys the best and we do that here as well. If you guys got a group that you would like to affiliate with us just give us a ring. So when you guys get the chance please check these guys out too! :D
Hey hows everybody been doing?! I know its been a good 2 weeks I believe since the last journal. Kind of was waiting on the rest of the DLC to be available to put out a fresh journal for us all to discuss about and what not. Now then that Corrin Female and Male with Bayonetta as well are both in the eSHOP to buy we can say this now.

In case you also forgot who exactly are the DLC people to buy lets do a quick round up of who they are.

.MEWTWO Who first appeared in Melee and came to SSB4 as a returning character. But they say Mewtwo plays more as a character for the expert players only. Also he isn't more for just playing for fun if you wanna get to play serious matches one on one. That's up to you though if your up to the mastering mewtwo challenge.

Mewtwo SmashXel by likiji123 PKMN20 - SSB by MintAnnComics Mewtwo by EmilyKiwi

.LUCAS Who first appeared in Brawl and returns in SSB4. Though I'm more than sure people wanted an actual new representive for Mother but least Lucas is back. Plays the same and well hes there if you want him again.

Lucas by 10EternalNightmare The team is back!!! by zZaxoOo

.ROY Who first appeared in Melee as back in the day as Marths clone but he plays with fire more. A favorite to those giant pro melee players and well hes back in SSB4 from high demand as it seemed they were very edgy of him not making it in the roster from the start. Roy still plays as he played back in Melee with slight different animations in SSB4.

Let's Tip the Scales! by kimchikat Difference by animefan0456 The Young Lion by NintendoStarKnight

.RYU This being his first ever appearance in a super smash bros game and him being a pretty cool addition out of the blue to be added into SSB4. Note that since Mega Man was added and Capcom has had plenty of fighting games so RYU works cool. Though Ryu plays very slow and heavy like Ike but with easier ways to return into the arena. Ryu is cool but don't expect too much.

If Captain Falcon was in Street Fighter... by war9000 Congrats Ryu!! by ULTIMATEWARRI0R Had Knucken - Sunset Shores by Kevandre

.CLOUD A giant like 50 VS 50 on people being excited for him being added in. I'm more with the 50 percent that was like guess that's cool but so random... but hey he made it in. Him being another sword user along with 10 other Sword Users in SSB4 felt just stale to me honestly. But anyways Cloud plays very heavy and well if your more for trying to hold your ground more in the arena an go all out Cloud is for you.

Cloud Strife by CyberPhazon420 Cloud in Super Smash Bros 4!! by AlSanya Blonde jRPG Swordsmen by PurpleTurban63

.CORRIN Kind of a upset to see another Fire Emblem character making it in with for most people but Corrin was added in more to advertise the new Fire Emblem games CONQUEST AND BIRTHRIGHT in 2016. Funny cause you think then they would add other stuff for advertising but that be annoying. I haven't gotten to play as Corrin yet but Corrin plays as a range character but takes a very tough time to strategize with what your gonna fight more of in defense or attack being all attacks with range.
But if you love Fire Emblem I guess Corrin is for you just out of love for Fire Emblem.

Female Corrin by animefan0456 FE14 - Corrin, Princess of Nohr by MarvelPoison Final Smash characters... And fries by OuterBlueFox2

.BAYONETTA Last but not least is the final DLC character. Her main spotlight being in is well since Bayonetta 2 was basically done cause of the help of Nintendo. Plus she has earned herself a cool reputation. Possibly nintendos newest exclusive series to bring more life to the Nintendo verse. Anyways Bayonetta plays different as she uses her guns and weapons to fight you. Along with her Umbra Witch heavy attacks. Her downside is that she can get knocked out to the air being shes light on her feet. But shes a cool addition and I believe the best newest character to be added in my opinion.

SSB4: Sonic and Bayonetta by Missplayer30 Super Smash Bros 4 Bayonetta Wallpaper by Lucas-Zero Bayonetta Gets Wicked! by kuprite

That being 7 characters to purchase as DLC for SSB4 3DS and WII U.
Added all together with the other random Mii costumes and stages the entire DLC separate from SSB4 goes to $67.79. :O

Meanwhile the price for SSB4 should have gone down if you wanna buy it new at least.
I can see that we have people out here that are gonna wait if Nintendo does a game of the year edition or something with it all included at a fair price. That's a lot of DLC. But u be responsible with your money $$$ is all I say. Don't just buy it to just have it and not even play with what you purchased.

So moving onto the next question I want to ask.


LOLOL I think its time for me to confess. I been playing another game instead of Super Smash Brothers Wii U and 3DS for quite some time now. Well knowing also my situation I'm in career training school so I don't have time to sit down and play a video game for 5 hours as much. Getting older :/
I still love smash bros don't get me wrong but education and my future comes first.
Hey shout out to the members in their 20s who are getting back into school too. I know its not easy to give up your childhood fun with video games but we will still be gamers no matter what!

SSB4 now will calm down for a lot now. Its the last of the DLC after all. That's what was pretty much keeping it still fresh since it came out in 2014. Fighting games for me well get boring after so long. Funny my friend asked me yo wheres your 3DS at and I had left it at home. But its been fun with the game while it lasted. Now if someone invites to play it I would say yeah sure. But at the moment now well I will give it some time before I get really into smash bros again.

So everyone I am very glad you took your time to read this.
Please share with everyone else your opinion of well the final DLC and how they play as. Now that's this marks the last real news with smash bros 4 besides maybe a surprised update or whatever will you be done with the 3DS or Wii U version of it permanently?

Your the Judge! :)

Alright everybody till next time! STAY AWESOME!

YOUR ADMIN :iconangelshadow3593:
Hey everyone its ANGELSHADOW3593 again and I hope you all been doing alright in 2016 so far. I know now that the blizzards have just hit for the winter so for our friends out there in the snow stay warm. Also I know that a lot of you have some other games you are most likely playing by now as well I said it before I will say it again I know SSB4 is getting old and most of you are losing interest towards it and moving on to the next game. As is the way a video games lifespan goes on.

We also have teamed up with 2 new groups for you all to check out.
Lets get on with the news!!


Let me see theres the next Fire Emblem games which are FIRE EMBLEM BIRTHRIGHT and FIRE EMBLEM FATES coming onto the 3DS since the last game Fire Emblem Awakening from back in 2012 for Japan and 2013 for America and the rest of the world. I loved Fire Emblem Awakening that game is FREAKING AMAZING! So I myself am also pretty hyped to play a new Fire Emblem game for my 3DS and I know a lot of the Fire Emblem fans we got here as members are definitely moving onto those games next.

Especially since the main character of FE Birthright Corrin is going to be DLC in SSB4 who practically is like sponsoring the game which is funny too.
Same kind of goes with Bayonetta which people are going to be trying her out and most likely going to go buy Bayonetta to see what its all about I figure as well.  I mean me personally I played Bayonetta I sucked at it but it was cool. Watched the whole playthrough of the first one since I could never beat it hahaha

Now time for the question that I have for you all.
Be honest its alright you can say that it wont and maybe you will only be for a short bit.


I will tell you in my opinion in all honesty from my point of view.

This smash bros was alright to me. Than again all I have is the 3DS version I don't own a Wii U. I am of the generation of the those who had played on Nintendo 64 when it was the cool system of the time. Yeah I'm a 90s dude and well now that we are older doing our things for work and school we don't exactly have those school buddies close to us to come in and play 4 PLAYER MATCHES FOR SMASH BROS or the time like we was younger.
I got to play Smash Bros 4 with my buddies in school for a certain amount of time but those were the dudes who actually had a 3DS. Now well its just been school a hell of a lot lately in my case.
So for me I guess I didn't really get to have that smash bros kid inside of me fully burst as well smash bros you need people to play with or else it just dies quickly like most fighting games.
Hey I am still a gamer its just when you have to take care of school when all the video games are coming out really drains yah. Its you play for about 2 hours and back to college work or you can play for like all day and yeah act surprised you failed a exam in college hahaha :laughing:

But the one thing I can say is at least I had a hell of a time knowing I got to at least play a new smash bros game. I mean yeah man! Hey its smash bros! Love it! But school is more important guys I hope you all understand that. :O

But yeah I feel this journal I would like to hear from you all in honesty if the DLC will really make you play it like as if it was the week it first came out again?

Hey be real. Don't just be like oh yeah I luv it so of course the DLC will make me luv it more. :/
I know not all of you feel that way. hahaha

Lets move onto the next last bit now and that's our 2 NEW GROUPS WE ARE TEAMED UP WITH!


The first our new groups we teamed up with is MAJORLEAGUEGAMINGGALS which is a cool group that pays homeage to Video Games Greatest Women characters as well as a cool place for if your a big fan of specific women characters than this a group you should check out!
Its a group that has just started not too long ago so if your also interested in helping out than please visit their page and give them a shoutout too! :)


Our next group is the CoTMP-Webcomic group which is a group about a parody for fighting games starring a character named Xeno who really needs a job to help pay for college! Xero doesn't have anything in special particularly to prove hes up for fighting crazy fighting tournament too! :O
Pretty awesome stuff and this as well is a new group on the rise too. If you all can please give them a shoutout and check them out!  

Alright everybody I hope you all have a great week and all till our next journal!
Hope you all can share with us your honest opinion of the DLC for SSB4 making you play again.
Be sure to check out those groups too.
Also for those that left the group I want to at least say thank you for joining with us for times we spent talking all things SSB4 and maybe SUPERSMASHUFANCLUB will come across your path again. :)


YOUR ADMIN ANGELSHADOW3593 :iconangelshadow3593:
Hey everybody its your admin ANGELSHADOW3593 and I first wanted to say Happy New Year to you all! I want to also thank you for your time and patience with the group as I am the only ADMIN that runs the whole group from cleaning up the folders, making journals, updates and all.
Plus since I know most of you don't know if your new and those that already knew but I'm still currently in my job career training school so coming back to make time for the SUPERSMASHUFANCLUB is a struggle when you got school work to always do. But I keep my loyalty to you all as I wont leave you a dead group and let it just be some art collecting museum NO NO NO thats not going to happen at all!

I want to make this understandable as being an only admin is a lot of work. So just know everybody thats new and old that I am doing my best with time to make time to come to update the group.

So I also have a lot of catching up to do with the group to clean and do so I wanna make this a quick but nice journal to last for a while till the next one.


I understand its now 2016 so I am going to get to cleaning what should be behind from 2015 and put it up to date to now which is JANUARY 5 2016. Nobody wants to feel likes its still last year haha


I promised you all I was gonna make it happen and I am on it. Give me this week and it should all be there :)


It has been a thing but I have seen members leave. I know everyone has their reasons but I don't want the reason to be because nothing is happening in this group. I want it to be I left because I just am not interested in smash bros 4 anymore and thats perfectly fine. I know fads die out and you want something new to check out and play.

I say this once again. Its tough but I can really use another ADMIN who knows this group and can just keep things up to date instead of waiting on me which will sadly take like 2 weeks max till I get to go onto a computer to deviantart.

I believe thats all for now till when Bayonetta and Corrin come out is when we can discuss how people like the way they play and all. I think what we will also do is ask you all how do you like how CLOUD plays like too. Maybe later this week I will write one of that if I can.

And yeah everyone I just wanted to get that out there. Your not abandoned its just slow business is all :/

Thank you for understanding and staying with the SUPERSMASHUFANCLUB family!


YOUR ADMIN ANGELSHADOW3593 :iconangelshadow3593:
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