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Wecome to the SUPER SMASH U Fan Club! We are dedicated to the awesome new Super Smash Brothers for Wii U and 3DS games that are arriving! While we are waiting for the Release Date for it in 2014. We know there will be many fans who will create lots of Fanart for the game while they wait. We will keep you up to date with the latest news of the games for Wii U and 3DS. So while we wait lets enjoy all the Fanart for one of the greatest series created by Masahiro Sakurai! SUPER SMASH BROTHERS!


We have many Folders as you see from us. So let me just put this out right now. IF ITS BRAND NEW TO OUR GROUP IT MUST BE SUBMITTED TO FEATURED! Let us worry about putting in where it should belong after its been in the featured folder for about a week then we will send it to the folder it belongs too.

To get in SuperSmashUFanclub you dont have to make art for the Super Smash Brother Wii U and 3DS games. You can just join in if your just a huge fan of Super Smash Brothers and enjoy all of the artwork and many things posted here!

I wish we were lolz. But we are not. But hey everybody loves a Fan Club and this place trust me will be alot better than arguing with those people on YOUTUBE!

So another thing we have here is we love to support other groups. We will also mention you first thing in our daily SSUFC NEWS journals. We scratch your back and you scratch ours. Now we are having a weird issue for us to accept the affiliation requests so just ask on the front page if you wanna affiliate and we will send you a request from us. So just tell us and we send to you a request from us.

[Super Smash Brothers Wii U and 3DS News]
Most of the time we will have many posts on and about news for the games. So no need to travel too far for your information. Trust me we will have it here as well if they have it too.

So what we also have here in SuperSmashUFanclub that most other groups do not is we actually have an ADMINS ART section where we the Admins create art for the next Super Smash Brothers from us to you guys! Me [Angelshadow3593] and [ReikaiYusuki] make it a weekly thing to make new journals and bring artwork every week! :D
What we also have here is we host Contests and you can win a prize as well! The contests will come around soon. We are also always Active and love to interact with the conversations!

One of our best features in SuperSmashUFanclub too is we hold a weekly polls on the subject that matter for Super Smash Brothers. Such as What do you really think about Newest Character Announced to the game?, to Are you looking forward to seeing crazier Fighting Stages than the last game?, Do you want a Special Feature for people who have 3DS Versions of the game instead of people who have the Wii U versions of the game. We will have polls about the group as well. We also like to hear what you guys have to say about us and the SuperSmashUFanclub too. This is what gets the ultimate SuperSmashUFanclub experience! Hope you guys like the polls we have! :D

One of the other great things we see is not making people wait to see when there art is submitted to us. Just submit away! No lame excuses like we dont like your art go away scandals. Just plain and simple Submit and Enjoy! Now is that not awesome! :D

So another one of the best features for the group is its not a abandoned wasteland waiting for something new to come whenever your ADMIN feels like it. Here I will post stuff a lot and will always be around for questions and more. So hope you luv a always something new group! :)

The best part of our group is you can submit to every folder with your artwork! Now theres always rules guys before you go crazy in the Fanclub so please read our Rules and Regulations.

[RULE 1] Do not Harass the other persons artwork if you see that there is a problem with it. If such an event occurs as you dont find it suitable or you think they have copied the artwork you have made please notify Angelshadow3593 and ReikaiYuski.

[RULE 2] The only real Limit to your artworks that you can send a day will have to be 2 for each folder. Thats 2 of artworks for each folder. That means you can have 2 Zelda Artworks to the THE LEGEND OF ZELDA FOLDER, 2 for the MEGA MAN FOLDER, 2 for ANIMAL CROSSING FOLDER. Not 2 just for all of them just 2 for each folder. Now is that AWESOME or WHAT?!

[RULE 3] Now when it comes to folders just make sure its the right folder really to submit in. If its brand new to our group then submit it to our Featured Folder. When we see that it gets old we will submit it to the other folder or you can also move it to that Folder as well if you like. Please no trolls and submit a Mario Artwork to the F-Zero Folder. We do not need to waste our time on telling you that Zelda is not Link or Donkey Kong is not a racer in F-Zero. OK!

[RULE 4] One of the best features for our group will be that we will allow you to put up a journal for an argument you will like to get out for the new game or for the previous Super Smash Brothers games and to talk with the other members too about. Now the limit is one journal from a person a week. So Me and the Admins will decide what Journal we will allow to hang for the week. Now for the journals the only things we will restrain really are swearing if it gets out of hand. Im pretty sure people will get mad on your opinions but I think Super Smash Brothers has always had a Fan base like a Biker Gang. They all disagree and they all agree. So just let us know if you want to write a journal and yeah we will take it from there :)

[RULE 5] To get the most out of the SuperSmashUFanclub experience you should make best friends around here and switch each others 3DS Friend Codes and Wii U Friend Codes. Nothing more better than always having a friend to play with for when the new Super Smash Brothers Wii U and 3DS games come out! :)

[RULE 6] The last rule and you will be free to go Super Smash Brothers Lover! Now this is the most serious rule for our Fanclub! HAVE A AWESOME TIME IN OUR GROUP!! :D

Hope those rules are not too much too handle guys! Enjoy the group and everything it has to offer and fill your SUPER SMASH BROTHERS WII U AND 3DS HUNGER!! :D
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Jun 14, 2013


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Super Smash Bros U Fan Club

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We will be your friendly Admins and Watchers for the group. Feel free to answer to any of us if theres an issue going on with your submission or with a artwork problem you have. We will always be here in case of anything. Just let us know.





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Our Awesome Affiliated Groups who we work together with! These guys work hard as well to get you guys the best and we do that here as well. If you guys got a group that you would like to affiliate with us just give us a ring. So when you guys get the chance please check these guys out too! :D
Hey everyone. Its your admin and its a new week so that means new stuff to talk about. So the summer is still going on at least so enjoy the weather while it lasts and yeah still a long wait for SSB4. :O
So Today I thought we can talk about something that is simple and shouldn't be too hard to answer or think about.


So I know what those that highly doubt this happening first have to say!
NINTENDO never releases demos for big 5 Star Titles all the time!
Well yeah you are right on that which even I myself still wonder.
Yeah this sucks a lot because well I do not have a good reason for them not too with most games. But as far as it goes with games belonging to Zelda or Mario or Metroid or the others the only real reason they cant is if they dont have enough time to create one if the game has to be released very quick.
Then theres those really lame Limited Number of tries that have been put out lately. Sometimes some really lame demos are put a lot these days that make you feel like you wasted your time. But remember they also have a good reason because theres people that dont even ever buy the game!
They did a demo for Fire Emblem Awakening and that really got me to want that game!! The games awesome too I recommend it!
And in this case yeah Mario Kart 8 definitely brought more people to the
Wii U and with Smash Bros 4 theres gonna be more.
So the Demo for SSB4 can do these 2 things for yah.
Both Good and Bad I say. How so? Ok let me break it down for yah.

Your Worst nightmare with Smash Bros is to get beaten unfairly am I right?
Especially if it wasnt by items for those that play for seriousness which is FOR GLORY. Plus in worst case scenario it also means everybody has gotten a head start to getting good and so competition come real early for you!

Than for the Good Reason is well who wouldnt want to play a SSB4 Demo?
This will make the days on our calendars fly a whole lot faster!  
I say if only you just hate everything awesome is the reason you have for not wanting this to happen haha. :laughing:

So back to the matter of the Demo.
Whats your reason for a demo?
Let everybody know what you think and feel! :)

YOUR ADMIN :iconangelshadow3593:
So guys I hope you all are doing great. So we got a cool thing going on Today. Nintendo has said today that there is going to be a new character to be shown today and they have a timer too so last time I checked it said that it will be in 2 HOURS which is at 10:00 A.M I believe so I might not be able to write about it as I will be busy at the time time.
But nonetheless still we will be talking about that today as well as talking about why we need a SSB4 DEMO really soon to keep us busy.
Alright so lets get on with it.

Oh my god..... it's happening!!! by AssassinMan2013
So this is the most interesting part right here. First thing you see besides the window to your face that is shown is the picture of a Rayman Trophy from the game. Though it pretty much seems like Rayman is the next character to be announced I believe. I dont think we will take 10 guesses to figure this one out. After all he has a picture there.


Turns out Rayman is just a trophy.... For now it seems.
Maybe he is most likely a ASSIST TROPHY for the game.

I remember a friend of ours here at the SUPERSMASHUFANCLUB
SUPERAPACHIBROS who I dont know if he is still around but had predicted Raymans coming. He even made artwork, a petition and a group called RAYMAN4SMASH. So if your out there man I bet you will be more than happy. So now then lets get into my opinion on this character if he is the one announced to be in the game.

So how I feel about this is its cool but at the same time than that is another 3rd Party Character out of the blue to join. I dont know if Rayman has been a Nintendo groupie for the years but I do know I have seen the dude with plenty of games for all systems. His latest being Rayman Legends.
In Pac Mans case he has been everywhere. He actually had been in a exclusive Mario Kart Arcade game only in Japan only with Ms.Pac Man even as a character to race as in the game.
I dont know if Rayman had ever clashed or even did anything with the Mario Bros but then this will be the first time he will be in the same game with Mario and Nintendo stars.
Though I believe it is a rather huge out of the blue choice but Rayman is a friendly platformer game thats been around for years. I used to own a game of his back on Game Boy Advance. Fun game too if I remember the actual name of it lolz. :laughing:

lady Palutena and lucina by jxbermudez27 Super Smash Bros Wii U Stamp Series : Lucina by Kevfin Super Smash Bros Wii U Stamp Series : Robin (F) by Kevfin Super Smash Bros Wii U Stamp Series : Robin by Kevfin
Wow well today we got some cool news now! We now have 2 more characters to play as well in the game!
They are both from the latest Fire Emblem Awakening game and they are Chroms Daughter Lucina and the Avatar you pick and create as in the game. Both Male and Female version!
So now then I really liked how the Avatr plays as! He uses the magic that you can use from the game as well as The Levin Sword too! So magic and Swords Baby!! The Avatar from what it seems though may move pretty slow as Ike too. But he or she the Avatar Robin looks to be real fun to use.
Especially since they can switch too! So they are more than just some other person holding a sword! :)
Then we got Lucina as well and well daddy Chrom is just for the Final Smash it seems for her.
But hey more for the female roster! So no Sausage Fest XD :laughing:
Lucina seems to play like the basic sword fighter though it seems.
I even think she took some of [Roy the red headed dude from Melee] moveset. But Lucina is all speed just like Marth.
She might play more like Sonic like speed but little damage. So thats why you gotta really combo attack with her.
But hey its cool we got some more Fire Emblem people now.

CAPTAIN FALCON and palutena by jxbermudez27 Super Smash Bros Wii U Stamp Series : Capt. Falcon by Kevfin


We have a picture showing the Captain here. Though I still am wondering wheres the gameplay of him.

So this is still the question everybody has and it leaves me puzzled too.
So yes yes we know ever since the first Super Smash Bros on N64 Captain Falcon has been around. Hes had games since the SNES and hes been a icon of Nintendo for the racing like Mario Kart.
But its been since the Gamecube the dude has not had a game for his series F-Zero and that game was back in 2002-2003 which is now to 2014 about 11 years ago O.O
So out of respect I love Captain Falcon and those F-Zero games are hard too but real fun as well. So sad to see hes been on hold for a long time with his series. But if a guy has not had a game for years should he still take up a roster spot anyways? Yes hes been in the last 3 but would it be fair for anybody new to not come in for a guy whos not had a game in so long?
You guys be the judge on that.
But anyways back to the trailer.
Real AWESOME to see him in all his badassness just kicking ass!
But he didnt get himself a BANNER saying his return?
So do we just assume hes in automatically cause hes in a trailer?
We didnt see any gameplay footage of him either.

So now before we rage and all lets think this all through guys of todays stuff shown.
Yes we have 4 Fire Emblem characters and thats the most Fire Emblem people for one game. Hey last game was a lot of Mario characters.
We had Falco and Wolf last game who played way too much like Fox.
Yes Wolf was a heavy hitter but did they all really have to have the same Final Smash? XD
Now dont hate the Newcomers now. Everybody has a opinion about every new character but just wait to play the game and you will see that maybe you will in fact like them.
So yeah Chrom isnt but hey I still like the Avatar. He plays different a lot!!
Dont get me wrong I like Captain Falcon but I still believe its time for more new people. If he is announced then you can laugh and say hah at me. Lolz

And yeah well thats all that was shown. I wanna hear what you all have to say about everything shown!
Let everybody know how you feel!!
Thank you to the new members for joining with the SUPERSMASHUFANCLUB family here!
Thank you for taking time to read and stay awesome everybody! :)

YOUR ADMIN :iconangelshadow3593:
So guys theres still some things we can talk and kill the time about Smash Bros 4. Plus theres another subject to talk about but lets get this one out of the way for this week.
So this one will be a quick journal to talk about as well.
Heres what this one is about. As you have already read the title by now and yes this is happening. NO LIE. HERES THE LINK TOO!…
Honestly I say this is way too much. I dont recommend this deal either to anybody and If I were you guys I spread the word for people to not buy this. Hell Yeah you get the ORIGINAL GAMECUBE STYLE CONTROLLER FOR SSB4 with the game.
But wait take a look at that price?! A brand new game itself is usually $60.00 now plus tax. So then the 99 bucks part goes towards the GC Controller rounding up to $40.00 plus tax???
So before we rage and all lets calm down for a sec and think about this.
Yes its a remodeled new old controller for a new next gen system and if you guys have done your research but everything that was Gamecube from blockbuster games like Luigi's Mansion go for a lot of $$$ now.
Especially the controller. For an original GC control itself goes for about the same price here that they are doing for this bundle.
So if you held onto your old GC stuff than you obviously held onto your controller too and well you should have expected this moment to shine when you can still use it even in 2014 with a next gen system!
So I hope they sell just the adapter itself separate because than its a force you to buy method if you wanna use that controller.
I say sell the adapter for just 5 or 10 bucks really.
Plus I still say wait on Pre Ordering so you land yourself the best deal you can get. Dont just be the guy oh im so cool I pre ordered the game lolz
So save your $$$ for a better deal. Thats the ADMINS advice from the SUPERSMASHUFANCLUB!

So guys what do you think about this?
You still gonna get this because you have a lot of $$$?
I dont really like Gamestop anyways that much. I just care about the pre order deal if its good.
Do you still have your old Gamecube Controller and like me would rather see this adapter sold separately?
Let everybody know what you think!!
A BIG THANK YOU for the new members joining with us as well! I hope you like everything about the group and have the best damn time here!

YOUR ADMIN :iconangelshadow3593:
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Glass Joe: Also known as "France's Glass Jaw", Glass Joe clearly deserves his title. Practically a walking, talking punching bag, Glass Joe takes no time to KO, and even with headgear, the results are often the same, with him lying on the ground unconscious. In fact, anytime he appears, Glass Joe is often the first opponent faced, not to mention the easiest, which shows how much of a pushover he is. Needless to say, Glass Joe clearly loses a lot more than he wins.

Aran Ryan: Aran Ryan is a hyperactive, aggressive and deceptive Irish boxer, often using cheep tactics and flat-out cheating to win matches. He even tries to head-butt people and use his boxing gloves like morning stars! Aran also puts horseshoes in his gloves to give his punches extra umph, not that Little Mac had trouble taking him down because of it. Also, boxing fans hate this guy. Anytime something good happens, they boo him.

King Hippo: King of the Hippo Islands, the gargantuan boxer is all muscle mass and body fat, and very little brain. However, this porker is infamous for his vulnerable stomach, as it has cost him plenty of matches, some of which were against Little Mac. Knocking King Hippo down often results in an automatic victory due to King Hippo's obesity. Not even a manhole cover can save this walking bucket of lard.

Disco Kid: Arguably the oddest boxer ever, Disco Kid moves and grooves his way to victory with powerful punches. However, he tends to announce when he'll attack next, so Little Mac had no trouble stopping Disco Kid's musical madness. After he first defeat to Little Mac, he took aerobics classes and became a bigger threat than before. Regardless, he still failed.
AngelShadow3593 Featured By Owner May 13, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
AngelShadow3593 Featured By Owner May 6, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Mr. Saturn My Avatar 
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I'm currently on a mission and I need your help!
I recently made a video about Super Smash Bros. Direct
and I need help spreading the HYPE for this game! ;P

Check it out and if you enjoy it, please subscribe!
I'm also trying to reach 500 subs by the end of this month!
Just 80 subs to go!
Will you help me on my quest?

Thank you! <3 
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